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Robin Chambers

I discovered your website today. So very very on the money. Its a difficult line to hold, exposing the truth. Anyway after a years study at 'Internet University'; everything from renewable energy, Federal reserve debt practices, quantum science, open fringe science, mass medication etc, I now come to the future: How to build the bridge from this mess to a mature humanity? Many people are talking of the shift, but what about an actual blueprint strategy? If you know of any links please let me know

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i am at the richard blogsite as its referenced in the robert hughs bio-things i never knew-
the situation in iraq and causing wars elsewhere is linked to the barbaric practise of circumcision which causes brain damage. the irrational male behaviour evidence of this shock induced brain damage.
war prone peoples are those with a high circumcision rate ie USA, middle east, the british empire at the time of WW1.
follow the links from enqiries into- anti circumcision - for info.
also i have anti circ links at my sites accessed thru :

also i have a current series of paintings at my beach house gallery studio at: 1 Parnella Drive, Stieglitz, 7216, Tasmania, Australia.
some contain anti circ content.

greetings from sian

Tymek Majewski

Firstly, a great article.

I find it a bit to "us vs. them" though.

You say:
>The policy of modern governments is to pursue high growth

But what is government? I think it's about time to face the truth that it's OUR policy to pursue high growth.

>The prosperity of the West is built on theft and slaughter;
1. What is West? Again, West is us - not the governments.

2. All civilizations are built on built on theft and slaughter. When you insert humans into any ethical system we are truly primitive. Do not get me wrong a lot of humans across the cultures are decent, but when you take whole societies the picture is grim.

We should always remember - the Earth will be OK no matter what will do. It's our future we fighting for.
The next species in few million years will look at us as we look at dinosaurs.

All the best,

Hinu Endro Sayono

I just came across your blog.

I like it. I'm an Indonesian living in a rural area nearby Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.

What you wrote is now happening here, although not like in Haiti nor Jamaica.

A ten-year-old boy has to work after school. He is the only bread-runner in the family, because his father sick. My wife let him work at our house for one or two hours so that he can eat and bring some food home and pay the school fee.

He is not supposed to work like that, although we treat him like our own child.

My children and grand-children like him, because he is always willing to help my children to wash their cars, and play with my grand-children.

The system is the one that makes him and other children are suffering now.

Thank you for your good article.

All the best,
Hinu E. Sayono

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Robin , you ask -

How to build the bridge from this mess to a mature humanity? Many people are talking of the shift, but what about an actual blueprint strategy? If you know of any links please let me know<

Robin - the answer is right under your very nose. Yes, that's right ! This website has all the information that humanity needs to start again. With Richard as our leader I have no doubt that the human race can march proudly into a bright future in a land called - Bonghittia.

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